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Our forge has been busy...and our popular blacksmithing workshops fill up fast.  Class size is limited, so register online or contact us to hold a spot.


Forge Open Studio 2017
Tuition as low as $20/session. Single session: $25.00

Studio Monitor: Chris Doherty
MB7101 - 6-9 pm Fridays (Forge)

Work independently in BCC's Good Forge any Friday night 6-9 pm for a drop-in fee of $30 per session (cash or check, paid at the door), or purchase sessions in advance at a discounted rate (single session - $25, two sessions - $45, three sessions - $60). Sessions must be used within 12 weeks of purchase. Enjoy this time to work on class projects and practice techniques. Eligible participants are current or recent BCC students who have completed at least one full-weekend introductory blacksmithing or bladesmithing class. Current BCC members are also eligible to participate if they possess basic forge skills. (Not a Member? Click here to learn more or sign up.)
Youth - After School Blacksmithing
Tuition $160.00

Materials Fee: 20.00

Chris Doherty
MB7406 Oct 6, 13, 20, 27, 2017 (4-6 pm) 4 Fridays (Forge)

This four session class will let young people (ages 13 to 17) who are interested get their feet wet in the craft and help decide if itís something they want to pursue. In the course of making objects such as a J-hook, BBQ tool or other projects in a coal forge, the student will begin to learn a variety of basic blacksmithing techniques that every blacksmith uses every time he or she lights a forge. Safety and protective gear will be covered before work starts and proper technique (designed to prevent injury or stress) will be covered. A $20 materials fee will be added to the tuition.
Blacksmithing 101
Tuition $240.00

Materials Fee: $30.00
All Levels
Chris Doherty

MB7402 Oct 21 & 22 2017 (10am-4:30pm) Saturday/Sunday (Forge)

This weekend class will introduce the student to the art and science of blacksmithing. Safe work habits and protective gear will be emphasized as we learn to make a basic project. Students can expect to make at least two or three hand forged objects in the course of which they will learn the important basic techniques that form the core of the craft. These are the skills that every smith uses every time he steps up to the anvil and they will stand the student in good stead as they pursue either general blacksmithing or a more specialized area, like bladesmithing (knife making) or tool making. Ages 15 and up, a materials fee of $30 will be added to the tuition.
Forging Numbers & Letters in Steel
Tuition $240.00

Materials Fee: $25.00
All Levels
Cody Rugar

MB7407 Oct 28 & 29 2017 (10am-4:30pm) Saturday/Sunday (Forge)

Learn to forge your own welcome sign in steel. Create numbers for your mailbox, make someone's initials, decorate your room - the possibilities seem endless when you are able to to create numbers and letters! You'll learn and then use a variety of basic blacksmithing skills as you focus on your work and have the opportunity to add a personal, artistic feel to your completed project. Ages 16 and older, a materials fee of $25 is added to the tuition.
Bottle Openers
Tuition $240.00

Materials Fee: $30.00
Chris Doherty

MB7405 Nov 11-12, 2017 (10am-4:30pm) Saturday/Sunday (Forge)

Open to all, this class is designed for those who have at least a few hours of hammer time, in an intro class or on their own. We will make a variety of bottle openers, both the classic round hole type and some variations of the lever type. We will also explore decorative handles, both figurative and abstract and deal with texturing and surface finish. Students can expect to take home several openers and learn a number of techniques. Ages 15 and up, a materials fee of $30 will be added to the tuition.
Hammer Making
Tuition $280.00

Materials Fee: $45.00
All Levels
Andrew Chapman
MB7409 Nov 18 & 19, 2017 (10am-5:30pm) Saturday/Sunday (Forge)

This class will provide an introduction to the tools and techniques used in forging your own hammer. Working together students will forge a lump of steel into an elegant and functional tool. All aspects of the process; punching, drifting, forging, grinding and heat treating will be covered. We will also make handles and mount the forged head on them. Final finish and dressing of the tool will be covered as well. Each student can expect to make and take home at least one hammer of their choice (cross peen, straight peen or rounding) finished and ready to go to work. Ages 16 and over.
The Blacksmith's Gift
Tuition $240.00

Materials Fee: $30.00
All Levels
Chris Doherty
MB7404 Dec 2 & 3 2017 (10am-4:30pm) Saturday/Sunday (Forge)

'Tis the season and everybody loves a handmade gift, especially one forged by your own hands. On Saturday we will make a variety of stocking stuffers; key rings, bottle openers etc. Expect to make at least three. All projects will be accessible to beginners with various flourishes available for more experienced students. We will also address adding a surface finish to add rust protection and give a finished appearance to your gifts. On Sunday we'll have a bigger project for beginners or students can work on something of their own. If you have a project in mind please contact the instructor in advance to discuss. Included in this class is one 3 hour open studio session at the forge, held Friday nights from 6 to 9 pm, giving students time to finish up any of their projects from the weekend class. Ages 16 and above. A materials fee of $30.00 will be added to the tuition.


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